The MadX Solution

MadX maintains a global list of internet connected systems for characterization.
When identifying a system, MadX Sauron discovers services, vulnerabilities (including potential 0-days), location.
Leveraging MadX enables companies to protect themselves faster with higher impact.


Discovering Unknown Threats

Most organizations focus on finding vulnerabilities on known systems or networks, not finding unknown systems that may pose a fatal risk. It is these unknown systems which often are unpatched, hold critical information, and connect to internal systems, which an adversary could leverage to gain access to internal infrastructure.

MadX enables organizations to discover unknown systems or assets and characterizes them.


Continuous searching of internet systems and services on essential ports and protocols

Threat Intel

Leverages threat intelligence to discover vulnerabilities (0-days) before they become CVEs


Systematically tracking threats to understand what adversaries are hunting

Tracking Changes

Following systems which move physically, have nuanced behavior, or identify changes over time

Cyber to Physical (CyPhy)

Track internet connected devices to their approximate physical location


Staying ahead of actual threats before they infiltrate your organization

MadX Interface

Provides the most impactful information to remediate threats to an organization


In combination with threat intelligence data and published vulnerabilities, MadX delivers a global list of potential threats about online devices. The curated intelligence provided through the user interface shows threats that range from CVEs, vulnerable or weak systems, open databases, publicly accessible private data stores, PII, misconfigurations, and other information which could threaten an organization. MadX has the ability to identify a series of threats which cyber criminals use to create botnets and identify the botnets attempting to grow by exploiting devices.


MadX Sauron

Discovery of physical devices is as important as virtual.
Sauron plots online devices on a global map down to street level accuracy.



Discover virtual devices on the physical plane. Sauron helps you find the publically accessible devices, IoT, vulnerable devices, or unknown assets around you or your organization. Leveraging cyber to physical (CyPhy) intelligence enables security teams to understand if there are any unknown and insecure devices nearby.

About MadX


The Company

MadX began from the lack of quality datasets to supplement the needs of threat intelligence. We found our niche by being the connection between several critical areas of interest in cyber security. It is exciting to be able to solve actual internet problems one by one.

MadX is an LLC, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. It was formed in 2020. The mission is to geospatially map and characterize IoT devices.

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